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Autism Family Story | Asilomar, California Photographer

For years, I only knew about Preston through pictures on his parents' Facebook accounts but I always wondered when I would have the chance to finally meet my friends' handsome son and get to know him... and then, that day arrived one beautiful autumn morning in Northern California.

This is Preston. He's a 12-year-old with autism.
He can't speak the way neurotypical people can (he started losing his speech around the age of three), but he has similar thoughts, feelings, and emotions -- he has dreams and ambitions, like us.

He's learning to communicate with a picture exchange system called PECS and is a great student at his autism-only school.

At first, Preston was predictably shy and to himself, but he soon changed when his dad walked in. He became elated and melted instantly.

I've had a few sessions with this family but this was our first opportunity to include Preston, so I really wanted to give him a chance to feel comfortable in front of me and my camera be…

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